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Learn high in-demand tech and engineering skills from industry experts.

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>Explore our schools and programs

MAT's School of Industrial Automation will provide you with knowledge and skills in the most recent developing technologies in instrumentation and process control, which are essential in this fast-pac… The world is becoming increasingly automated as a result of rapid development and evolving technology. As a result, there is a severe global shortage of industrial automation, instrumentation, and control engineers, technicians, and technologists.

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The School of programming and Software development at Madesoft Academy will provide you with skills and competence in the most recent developing technologies in frontend, backend, mobile and cloud eng… Programming is an essential skill in today's economy, and qualified developers are in short supply. Whether you're new to coding, want to improve your skills, or want to further your career, MAT will get you ready for your dream developer job.

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The aim of this Cybersecurity School is to help students, newcomers, and specialists enhance their knowledge, skills, competence, and expertise in the areas of information/cyber security, privacy, IT …

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Develop your knowledge of data processing, visualization, predictive analytics, machine learning, and data science. Begin learning essential skills, establish a complex project to illustrate your ability, and ask guidance from mentors, contemporaries, and experts in the industry.

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All our certificate programs are built in partnership with the most innovative Engineering and tech companies and taught by industry experts with more than 15 years of experience. We are committed to providing you with a world-class education and gain skills that you can immediately apply in the workplace.

Study with a Specialist and Be in Demand!
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Suited for all skill levels

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“I've learned a lot about frontend programming thanks to Madesoft Academy. Learning was really simple, and the pacing was excellent, and the mentors were excellent at coaching. Madesoft Academy is a great place to learn since they make even the most difficult courses simple to comprehend and the pacing is excellent.”

"Madesoft Academy is one of the best online academies when it comes to automation and PLC programming training. Their well-detailed and organized learning materials, videos, and lectures are top-notch. What I really enjoyed most was the online intervention portal."

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