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Frequently Asked Questions

This type of partnership programs are excellent tools for onboarding, developing, and retaining staff. It has both the ability to make employees feel supported and as though the organization is involved in their growth. Eventually resulting in improved productivity

he students have an opportunity to learn some of the latest stacks and use the best tools that will enhance their productivity. They will also be mentored by experienced professionals with over ten years of experience, providing an opportunity to learn from their extensive reservoir of industry knowledge.

Some of the initial steps include establishing answers to the following: what’s the company’s purpose of the training program? Who is the intended audience? Are there any constraints? What are the overall objectives, goals and success metrics?

We will then work with you to develop an outline that will serve as the foundation of your training program. Once that is finalized, you can begin implementing the training program in batches or all at once. Fill the contact form to get started or simply reach out to

The right program will largely depend on your employees and goals/objectives. If your employees are mostly remote, a virtual training session or individual, self-paced module might make more sense. But if you’re looking to foster creativity and collaboration, a hands-on group activity may be a good option.