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Join us in empowering and educating individuals with the skills needed to establish a successful career in engineering and technology in no time. Begin today to champion the future of diversity, inclusion, and corporate responsibility. Speak with an expert about how Madesoft Academy can assist you in creating a pipeline of qualified individuals from underrepresented communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

MAT, in partnership with Sponsors, offers full or partial scholarships to low-income earners and underprivileged members of society, regardless of race, religion background, or ethnicity. The initiative enables us to match recognized students in the category with adult sponsors who contribute to the student's tuition. Sponsors can also enroll students from their community or organization in the Academy on a scholarship basis.

A sponsor is a person, organization, or corporate institution who is interested in a student's progress and growth in the field of technology and engineering. The Sponsor provides a full or partial tuition scholarship to any of the MAT schools or programs

Yes. contact to Specify the program and student to sponsor.

No, Sponsors commit to provide funds yearly or monthly toward the tuition of one or more students attending the academy. The amount or contribution is subsequently utilized to pay the tuition of the beneficiaries.

Can I make monthly payments to fulfill my sponsorship? Yes, the monthly payment for the Scholarship students/beneficiaries' monthly program subscription plan will be made on or before the due date.