We are Madesoft Academy

We Equip young adults with Essential Skills For Career Success In The Engineering And Tech Sectors through our industry-oriented courses crafted by experts with over 15 years of hands on experience.

Madesoft Academy is a top-ranked, immersive school for tech training. Offering comprehensive in-person and remote training opportunities, Madesoft Academy prepares students for fulfilling careers in engineering and technology.

We are Madesoft Academy

Our global reach

We connect young people interested in pursuing rewarding careers in engineering and technology with tutors and mentors from across the world who have more than 15 years of practical experience.







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Our mission and values

Our mission is to prepare Africa's workforce for future careers. We collaborate with major technology businesses and industry experts to study how technology is reshaping industries and to provide the essential tech and engineering skills that employers seek in their workforce.

Expert Mentors

Industry Experts with over fifteen years Experience to provide personal intervention and Guidiance

Laser-Focused Lessons

We teach what's necessary. Even busy students can prepare for IT and engineering jobs using our powerful digital platform.

Real Work Experience

with our 1:1 career support you will Gain hands-on experience you'll need for your first job and graduate work-ready

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Our Team

Our talented group of executives has come together to help students, companies, and governments get prepared for the next generation of technical jobs.

Join the our team & shape the future of design

Help us impact the future and educate the next wave of Engineers, industrial automation,cybersecurity, Software engineers, data analytics, and product management professionals.