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Whether you want to work for an organization or as a self-employed freelancer, front-end application developers are in demand. Front-end application development is all about creativity and creative problem-solving. As a front-end application developer, you’ll have the skills to build customized websites to create the best possible user experience.

Good Design
Good Design


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April 27, 2020


4 Months 10am - 4pm

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This course is for beginners.

Students are expected to come with a working laptop


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About This Course

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The User Interface (UI) portion of every web or mobile application plays the critical role in order to provide best User Experience (UX) to consumers. Developing elegant, easy-to-use interface that scales well across different device is the key requirement for any frontend developer. As a frontend developer you will be acting as a “bridge” between designers and developers by engineering the UI that gives great UX.

This Frontend application development course from Madesoft Academy will give you an immersive learning experience by making you job ready for today’s application development & software industry.

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• To become industry-ready hands-on front-end application developer by completing all the related courseware and projects in web application development.

• Obtain Advanced Certification in Web based application development Course

• Get your FIRST JOB / Upgrade your Career

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By the end of this course you will be able to create a strong online portfolio which will facelift your market value for better placement. The key components of your portfolio shall reflect:

  • Command over development languages (ex: React JS for frontend)
  • Command over development tools
  • Good number of projects to describe your work
  • GIT profile with all your project source-code and sample output
  • Very well-articulated online profile
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Responsive Frontend: Build responsive web-pages depicting best-in class UI by combining the power of HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript. Integrate this with backend and build scalable new age web applications.

vueJS: Give lift to your front-end interactivity with Facebook promoted ReactJS. Lean features like dependency injection to make your front-end faster and smarter.

Foundations: Strong foundation is everything that matters for a strong career. In this course you will build strong foundations that will secure your career path and adapt yourself, irrespective of these ever-changing technology landscape. Learn and apply foundational concepts (ex: OOPS | Design patterns | REST APIs) in a practical way. By learning them well you can apply these concepts in any real-time projects.

Open Source Tools: Equip yourself to develop, debug and test web application by learning latest open source tools. These tools will help you to developer faster and smarter. Some examples that you will be exposed in this course are given below.

  • Linux (ex: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) – Platform for your development environment
  • GIT: Version control and profile to showcase your projects to placement companies
  • Visual Studio: A modern, open source text editor for UI development
  • Bower: Package manager for frontend development
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Practical learning: Madesoft Academy courses lay very high stress on hands-on approach. More than 60% of the time you will be spending in assignments and hands-on exercises. You will be able to showcase 5 to 6 real-time projects in your resume which can impress any potential employers.

Industry experts: Our mentors bring in their years of industry experience into training delivery. You will not only learn but also understand the industry application.

What We Offer

Our teaching staff are passionate software developers dedicated to preparing our students in every way possible for their big leap into tech. At Madesoft Academy you'll find a tech family that will serve you for life. A network of smart, king, change makers that will help you plug into the quick-changing, exciting world of design and technology.

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